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Eagles vs. Falcons Show Down One for the Books

Week 2 of the NFL didn’t disappoint, especially when it came to the Eagles vs. Falcons match-up. It was a nail-biter plagued with injuries and a near close tie final score. The previous two matches between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles have also been down to the wire so last night’s clash was highly anticipated.

However, the winner this time was definitely unexpected. The Atlanta Falcons lost close games to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 playoffs and 2018 season opener. This time, of the two birds, the Falcons rose the highest in this match, winning 24-20. They managed to over come three interceptions from Matt Ryan on their turf, edging Carson Wentz, and securing a victory.

eagles vs. falcons NFL USA

Furthermore, the Eagles vs. Falcons showdown left the Philadelphian team depleted, suffering injuries and losing four of its top seven pass-catching targets. They threatened a fourth-quarter comeback but the Atlantan team’s defense – thanks to Ryan and Julio Jones – secured their first win of the season.

So how did the Eagles vs. Falcons games play out the way it did?

Eagles vs. Falcons: The Falcons Adjusted When It Mattered the Most

Looking at the decisions Dann Quinn made, he chose the right adjustments when it mattered the most. Even though Ryan threw three picks, both in a clean pocket and under pressure, Quinn made a bold move when necessary. He dialled up key fourth-down calls late in the match. Additionally, Ryan’s call at the line on the play resulted in Jones’ 54-yard go-ahead score. The Falcons managed to build up enough defensive success to stall the Eagles’ comeback.

The Eagles Were Plagued with Injuries from the Get-Go

Injuries shouldn’t normally be an excuse for a bad game. However, the Eagles lost key members of their team early on in the match. Essentially, they were starting their match with pre-season starters who all had some type of injury. Players like Wentz, Jason Peters, DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, Dallas Goedert, Jason Kelce, Tim Jernigam, and Sidney Jones among others left the game. All were evaluated from some type of injury. QB Wentz looked off his game early on, either because of previous injuries, nerves, or a bit of both.

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