AFC East Betting Odds 2020

The AFC East is one of four divisions that make up the American Football Conference (AFC). Representing, the parts of the East coast, this division has some strong teams. There’s one in particular that had been dominating the AFC championship, and it’s still a favorite among oddsmakers and bettors. football helmet and ball

In our AFC East division betting guide, we’ll be looking at who those teams are, their rankings in the 2019 season running up to 2020, and the odds on those teams at the best online sportsbooks.

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What you’ll find in this AFC East betting guide:

What Teams are in the AFC East?

As you might know, the National Football League (NFL) is divided into two major divisions – the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Now, these two divisions are further divided up into four divisions each and are loosely based off geographical location. In those geographical divisions there are four teams in each.

AFC East and teams logos

So, who’s in the AFC East? It’s the:

  • Buffalo Bills from Buffalo, New York;
  • Miami Dolphins from Miami, Florida;
  • New England Patriots from Boston, Massachusetts; and
  • New York Jets from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

2019/20 Rankings

It was an exciting season for the division. The favorites – the New England Patriots – winning their major league championship. They even went on to win the 2018 Super Bowl Championship, cementing their status as football legends.

The current AFC East standings are:

TeamPlayedWonLostPoints For  +Points Against –Win rate %
New England Patriots161244202250.750
Buffalo Bills161063142590.625
Miami Dolphins165113064940.313
New York Jets16792763590.438
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Betting Odds to Win Division

As the cliched saying goes, there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the New England Patriots being the favorites to win the AFC East division. It’s not surprising, the Pats have been dominating the division over the past 15 years. While the Patriots have walked away with the Super Bowl trophy and bragging rights, another season is going to come along. Let’s take a look at the odds most bookies are placing on each team.

Buffalo Bills

buffalo bills players

Odds of winning the division are between +1400 and +1600, depending on where you go. They have a history of having a bad defense but they’ve picked up some new talents. Also, oddsmakers are expecting a better offense from the Bills now that they’ve drafted quarterback Josh Allen.

Miami Dolphins

miami dolphins players on the field

Odds of winning the division are between +700 and +1100, depending on which bookie you use. After coming in third place, the Dolphins could have a better run not that their quarterback Ryan Tannehill is back from injury. Fill-in Jay Cutler disappointed the Fins. Furthermore, the coach ha to work on their deficient defense.

New England Patriots

new england patriots players on the field

Odds are between -600 and -800, depending on your sportsbook. The Pats have been the poster boys of a consistent professional sports team. They’ve won the East division 14 out of 15 seasons. Furthermore, they went on to win the 2018 Super Bowl which has elevated their status into the league of legendary team.

New York Jets

new york jets on the field

Odds of winning are between +1400 and +1500. This will obviously depend on your bookie. The Jets aren’t the favorites of winning anything, let alone the division. After their dismal performance in the 2017 division season, sportsbooks expect them to stay in the bottom of the division.

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