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AFC West Betting Odds 2020

Known as the toughest division in football, the AFC West is the most competitive subdivisions in the NFL. Not only did the players make it competitive, but also the oddsmakers. The four teams making up the AFC West all have odds of less than +400 to win the division. football player with ball

Recently, developments in each team has made their odds a lot more even unlike the other AFC divisions. The Raiders got a new head coach, the Chiefs and Broncos both scored new starting quarterbacks, and the Chargers have the most experienced quarterback in the division. So, one can imagine that betting on this division is thrilling for US bettors.

Founded in 1960, the AFC West division has remained competitive till today. The division has been represented in the Super Bowl 16 times as of 2017.

Let’s take a look at the teams in the AFC West, current standings, and some betting tips for wagering in this division.

Best AFC West Betting Sites

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What you’ll find in this guide to AFC West betting:

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What Teams are in the AFC West?

AFC West teams

There are four teams making up the AFC division. Formed in 1960, the only change has been with the location of one of the teams. Let’s take a closer look at the NFL teams in the West division.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos football team

Odds are +380 to +400 depending on your sportsbook and tipster.

The Denver Broncos are tied with the Oakland Raiders for most Super Bowl Championship wins. They’ve taken home the silverware three times. They’ve acquired a new quarterback in Case Keenum who is a huge upgrade for the team. They’re also expected to return with a stronger offensive line this season.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chief football team

The odds for the chiefs are between +240 and +265 depending on your sportsbook.

This team from Kansas has lifted the Super Bowl trophy only once. 2016 was their year, holding a 12-4 record win. Currently, they are the reigning champions of the division but they almost always seem to be the underdog in oddsmakers’ eyes. Also, they have scored a new starting quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, who has a lot of pressure on him to perform.

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers player throwing the football

Odds are set at between +150 and +225 depending on which sportsbook you use.

Most noteworthy about this team is that they are the only team in the AFC West division to have never won a Super Bowl. Their first and only appearance was in 1995 and they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. They may have the most experienced quarterback in Philip Rivers but his game play hasn’t been consistent over the past three years or so. He also won’t have the help of good tight ends like Hunter Henry and Keenan Allen.

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders player running with the football

Along with the Broncos, the Raiders have three Super Bowl championships. They’ve been picked as the favorites to win the division but that’s up for debate. New head coach Jon Gruden’s strategy is to hire veteran players over nurturing young talent. But, will this strategy work for him?

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Current AFC West Standings 2019/20

The current AFC West division standings are:

Team Played Won Lost Points For + Points Against – Win Rate %
Kansas City Chiefs 16 12 4 451 308 0.750
Los Angeles Chargers 16 5 11 337 345 0.313
Oakland Raiders 16 7 9 313 419 0.438
Denver Broncos 16 7 9 282 316 0.438

AFC West Online Betting Tips

There is little betting value betting on AFC West futures because right now it looks like it could be anyone’s games. The addition of Case Keenum has vastly improved their winning potential for the Broncos, but you never know.

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