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NHL Eastern Conference Betting Guide 2020

nhl eastern conferenceThe NHL Eastern Conference is one of the two major conferences in the National Hockey League. Formerly known as the Price of Wales, it consists of two sub-divisions, namely the Atlantic division and Metropolitan division. The Eastern Conference NHL looks vastly different from when it was initially created. It’s currently arranged so that all the conference teams are located on the eastern half of the USA and Canada. Currently, there are 16 teams in this conference.

What will set you apart from other US bettors wagering on the Eastern Conference is learning about the conference’s history, stats, and how each team performs at the playoffs. The Division finals is what will guide you when picking the NHL futures for the winner of the Stanley Cup. This is the equivalent to the Super Bowl of hockey. Let’s take a look at what bets you can place, the latest 2019/20 betting odds, and the teams you’ll find in the Eastern Conference NHL standings.

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What you’ll find in this NHL Eastern Conference guide:

Popular NHL Eastern Conference Betting Lines

When betting on the NHL Eastern Conference, and the hockey in general, there are a few bets that are very popular. To take part in the betting action:

  • Login and sign up to one of our recommended sports betting sites.
  • Open the NHL betting tab and navigate to the game you want to bet your USD on.

There are four popular NHL betting lines that fans of the sport like to wager on. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • NHL Futures: In the case of betting on the Eastern Conference, here you’ll be wagering on who will be the division champions. US bettors can take it a step further and bet on who will win the Stanley Cup. Sportsbooks are already accepting these bets even when the season hasn’t officially started. Some NHL futures odds for the Stanley Cup can be at +400 to win. Teams that are in the +10,000 are teams oddsmakers expect to lose.
  • Over/Under (Totals): This type of bet is about predicting what the final total goal score of the match will be. Oddsmakers set the point line which is usually 5 or 5.5 points. Then, the US bettor decides to bet over (the total goal score will be more that the set line) or bet under (the total goal score will be less than the set line).
  • Money Line: The money line if one of the most popular betting lines in hockey. It’s a replacement of the point spread market because the scores tend to be too low. Like in other sports, the money line is about picking the outright winner of the match. Typically, they are displayed in the American format with the negative symbol indicating the favorite and the positive sign showing the underdog.
  • Puck Line (Canadian Line): A puck line bet is the combination of the money line and point spread betting line. Here, Eastern Conference teams have to win by two goals or more to win the bet (if they are the favorite). A positive number (like +1.5) shows the underdog and this means that they can lose by one goal and still win the puck line. On the other hand, the favorite (-1.5) needs to win by two goals or more to cover the bet.

Eastern Conference NHL 2019/20 Season Odds

These are the latest NHL odds for the Eastern Conference. They reflect the NHL betting odds on each team at the time of writing from MyBookie, one of our top recommended sports betting sites. The current holders of the Stanley Cup are the St. Louis Blues from the Western Conference. They beat the Boston Bruins 4-3.

Team Odds
Boston Bruins +450
Tampa Bay Lightning +500
Washington Capitals +600
New York Islanders +700
Toronto Maple Leafs +800
Carolina Hurricanes +900
Florida Panthers +1400
Pittsburgh Penguins +1400
Buffalo Sabres +1800
Philadelphia Flyers +1800
Montreal Canadiens +2000
New Jersey Devils +3500
New York Rangers +3500
Columbus Blue Jackets +6000
Ottawa Senators +8000
Detroit Red Wings +30000

Learn more about the Western Conference

NHL Eastern Conference Teams

There are 16 teams in the conference, each divided into two sub-divisions – the Atlantic division and the Metropolitan division. These are the teams according to division:

Atlantic Division Metropolitan Division
Boston Bruins Caroline Hurricanes
Buffalo Sabres Columbus Blue Jackets
Detroit Red Wings New Jersey Devils
Florida Panthers New York Islanders
Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers
Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers
Tampa Bay Lightning Pittsburgh Penguins
Toronto Maple Leafs Washington Capitals
eastern conference team

Eastern Conference Hockey Standings

Let’s take a look at the 2019/20 NHL regular season standings of the Eastern Conference.

Atlantic Division NHL Eastern Conference

Team Games Played Wins Losses Overtime Losses Total Points
Tampa Bay Lighting 82 62 16 4 128
Boston Bruins 82 49 24 9 107
Toronto Maple Leafs 82 46 28 8 100
Montreal Canadiens 82 44 30 8 96
Florida Panthers 82 36 32 14 86
Buffalo Sabres 82 33 39 10 76
Detroit Red Wings 82 32 40 10 74
Ottawa Senators 82 29 47 6 64

Metropolitan Division NHL Eastern Conference

Team Games Played Wins Losses Overtime Losses Total Points
Washington Capitals 82 48 26 8 104
New York Islanders 82 48 27 7 103
Pittsburgh Penguins 82 44 26 12 100
Carolina Hurricanes 82 46 29 7 99
Columbus Blue Jackets 82 47 31 4 98
Philadelphia Flyers 82 37 37 8 82
New York Rangers 82 32 36 14 78
New Jersey Devils 82 31 41 10 72

History of Eastern Conference

The division was founded in 1974 and back then it was known as the Prince of Wales Conference. Here, teams played for the Prince of Wales trophy which dates back to 1925. This changed during the 19821-82 season where the champion of the Eastern Conference NHL was decided by playoffs. Here, the best four teams from each division in the Eastern Conference play against each other in the playoffs. They the two winning teams move to the Division finals and after that they face off for the Conference Trophy.

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