Best Online Sports Betting Sites USA 2019

online sports betting sportsOnline sports betting is the next step in the growth of sports betting, aided by the proliferation of the internet and mobile devices. US online sportsbooks are the future of betting on sports and there are many sites providing this service to US sports fanatics. Sports betting USA has been around as long as the practice of sport itself. Americans are a sports crazy nation and combining gambling and sports into sports gambling and making it accessible online was only a natural progression.

At, we provide US bettors with a comprehensive guide to online sports betting. We aim to:

  • Review the best US online sportsbooks accepting US bettors.
  • Explain the legality of online sports betting to you, looking at which states local online sportsbooks are legal.
  • We also provide information on sports betting strategies.
  • The different sports and teams American bettors can wager on.
  • Furthermore, we look at the best banking options for American bettors to use.

Not only are our best sports betting USA guides comprehensive, they present the info in an easy-to-understand way that suits those new to sports gambling.

Trusted & Legal Online Sports Betting Sites

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What you’ll find in this guide:

what is online sports bettingOnline Sports Betting: What is it?

Sports betting is when a spectator places real money wagers on the outcome of the match. Therefore, online sports betting is placing real money US dollar bets at an internet betting site. Now there’s no need to leave the house to go to a sports betting venue or the event itself to take part in the betting action. Online sports gambling today has involves a lot more than guessing who the winner will be. Concurrently, placing a real money wager requires a lot of dedication and knowledge from the American bettor. There are dozens of strategies and hundreds of factors to consider when picking a team to back. Simply put, online sports betting needs more consideration than just picking who your favorite team is.

Moreover, US bettors now have a lot more options when it comes to sites they can place their bets at. They are no longer relegated to underground bookies or having to travel to Nevada to find safe, trusted, and legal sportsbooks. Now, they can simply login or sign up to one of our top-rated US online sports betting sites.

is it legal to bet on sports online USAIs it Legal to Bet on Sports Online in the US?

This is a bit of a gray area and depends entirely on where in the USA you live. After the Supreme Court removed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in May 2018, states can set their own laws. Essentially, the PASPA was a federal law that banned single-game betting so now bettors can wager on sports. There are nearly a dozen states that have legalized sports betting but it doesn’t mean that it’s legal on mobile and online platforms. Generally, the following rules apply to domestic online sports betting sites:

  • Some states in the US require bettors to place their bets in a land-based casino or on mobile devices while inside a casino.
  • Other states allow mobile wagering anywhere within their state lines.

So, you’ve checked and your state doesn’t allow online sports betting. What do you do? Well, USA bettors can look for offshore online sportsbooks. This isn’t entirely legal but state governments don’t seem to enforce their laws around offshore sports betting. Furthermore, on a federal level, there aren’t any laws criminalizing betting on sports online.

USA states where online sports betting is legalStates Where Online Sports Betting is Legal

Let’s take a look at which states in the USA permit betting on sports online.


Since 2018, this state permits sports betting but not online. The only option that closely resembles betting online is a Mississippi-like mobile platform. Americans can place bets in Arkansas at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. Furthermore, there’s the Southland Racing racino which is currently under construction.


Online sports betting in Delaware is currently legal but isn’t active i.e. there aren’t any online operations based in the state. Sports betting itself became legal in June 2018 when three casinos were licensed to accept sports bets.


A new law passed in 2019 allows for online sports wagering in Illinois. However, bettors will need to sign up in person at casinos, off-track betting spots, and racetracks.


Like Illinois, online sports betting sites are legal in this state since 2019. Online sportsbooks will have to be established alongside a casino in Iowa.


Joining Illinois and Iowa, the state also legalized online sports wagering in 2019. Also, in Indiana, sportsbooks have to be affiliated with a casino.


In this state, it’s a bit more complicated. Sports betting online can only be done in a land-based or water-based casino. State regulations also allow for mobile betting but it must be on casino property.


Many of Nevada’s casinos have mobile and online sports betting features. However, US bettors will have to create an account in person at a casino of their choice. Furthermore, there’s a minimum cash deposit required when signing up.

New Jersey

New Jersey was the state that led the charge in getting sports betting legalized in America. Online sports betting went officially live in 2018 with the launch of DraftKings and Fanduel sportsbooks. Currently, there are 13 New Jersey-based online sports betting apps.

New Mexico

While New Mexico doesn’t offer betting online, there’s one tribal casino – the Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel – that’s taking bets on sport.


The state’s lottery plans to provide online sports betting in 2019. It will be affiliated with a casino already operating in Oregon.


Pennsylvanian sports bettors finally had their own platform in 2019. The first every app in PA went live through SugarHouse Sportsbook PA in May. Expect more to come.

Rhode Island

This state signed a law permitting online sports gambling in March 2019. There will be a mobile app which will be run by the state lottery alongside established online sportsbook William Hill.


Bettors will be able to wager on sports only through online betting site. Tennessee’s legislature created an open model which could expect a lot of different sites and apps popping up.

US states on the way?

It seems like New York has a tenuous relationship with online sports betting. While betting on sports is temporarily legal during a preliminary 60-day period for the 2019 NFL season, doing it online isn’t legal. Lawmakers failed to make it a part of governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget plan.

On the other hand, Maine’s legislation passed the house and is waiting final votes. In a deal that’s unique in America, online betting operators don’t have to be associated with a land-based casino.

Meanwhile, Michigan is working on developing sports betting legislation that could pass in 2019.

sports betting

how place a bet onlineHow do I Place a Bet Online?

Placing a bet online isn’t all that different to wagering at a land-based platform. The only difference is that you’re not dealing with a cashier.

Step 1: You have to be signed up to a sports betting site.

Step 2: Select a preferred banking method you’ll use to deposit money into your wagering account. Bettors won’t be able to place bets if they don’t have any funds.

Step 3: Go to your favorite sports, pick the game you want to bet on, and select the type of bet you want to place.

Step 4: Enter the US$ amount you want to wager and click on bet.

finding the right sports betting siteFinding the Right Online Sportsbook

There are hundreds of online sports betting websites catering to the American audience. If you’re someone new to sports betting USA, finding the right site can be tricky and overwhelming. That’s why we at have done the leg work and found some of the best US online sportsbooks. To learn more on how we selected our very best sports betting sites, take a look at the list of criteria below. US bettors can use this checklist or set of questions themselves when looking for the best in US sports betting.

What is Their Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is an online sports betting site’s welcome offer. These vary from site to site but generally they are there for bettors to use after their first deposit. Also, the conditions that come with the deposit bonus change from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, bettors can expect that there will be a wagering requirement – how many times you have to bet before you can withdraw those funds. Check the sports gambling website’s terms and conditions section before committing to the site.

Who Has the Best Odds?

It’s always good to check more than one US online sportsbook when looking for a specific race or match. This is to find which sports betting site has the better price, money back specials, or even free bets and refunds. Usually, finding this information is a good way of telling if this is a good betting site or not.

Do They Have Tipping Services?

This especially refers to horse racing and is an important feature. Today’s top betting sites provide this nifty service, usually using tips from quality publications. In order to know if the tip is worth considering, look at the quality of the contributor – are they well known and reputable? Do they write for other sports betting sites? How large is their social media following? Where are they getting their data from? And, finally, have they been accurate in the past?

Do They Offer In-Play Betting?

In-play betting can be seen as the equivalent of live action betting. Bettors place their bets and make predictions as the match or race unfolds. This is a very exciting way of betting and the best sports betting sites offer in-play betting options. Another important aspect of a bookmaker’s site is how they present this service. Generally, in-play bets offer odds that are significantly shorter or longer, depending on how the game is unfolding. Furthermore, bettors like in-play bets because its favourable for the backer to make a bet once the match has started.

How is Their Mobile Sports Betting App?

Any online sports betting site worth its salt has an app version for mobile devices. Mobile betting is becoming extremely popular along with in-play betting. Wagering on-the-go is becoming a trend of the future and freeing bettors from the confines of their desktop, television, and casinos.

Do They Offer More Than Just Sports Betting?

Some business savvy online casino operators now also feature sports betting as a gambling option on their sites. Signing up to these types of sports websites gives you access to other games like online poker, slots, roulette, and lotteries.

Finding a sports betting website that ticks all six boxes means that a bettor has struck gold. Again, we reiterate: make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up.

top sports betting sites USATop 5 Best USA Sports Betting Sites

  • BetOnline
  • Sports Betting
  • MyBookie
  • Bovada
  • Intertops

best online betting experienceWhat Makes the Best Online Sports Betting Experience?

When using internet sports betting platforms, American bettors should expect the very best from them. These is what you should expect from a reputable and legal online sportsbook:

  • Top-notch customer service: even though you’re dealing with a virtual sportsbook accepting real money bets, they still do have physical headquarters. Any sports betting site with a good reputation has a physical address and contact details you can use to get in touch with them. Also, remember to check out their About Us and FAQ sections to help you learn more about them.
  • A social media presence: another indicator of a good betting site is that they will have social media accounts across all the major platforms. They should also be posting content and responding to people regularly. This allows you to gauge how the company interacts with its customers.

USA popular sports to bet onPopular Sports at Online Betting Sites USA

Americans have access to a plethora of sports to bet on, whether local or international; major or minor leagues. Our top recommended sports betting sites have loads of sports and leagues to bet on from the National Football League (NFL) to the English Premier League. Below we’ve listed the most popular sports to bet on:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball (NBA, WNBA, and NCAA)
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • eSports
  • Fantasy sports
  • Football (NFL and NCAA)
  • Golf
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Horse racing
  • Lacrosse
  • MMA (UFC and King of the Cage)
  • Motorsport (Nascar and Formula 1)

Check Out Our Top Sports Betting Guides

betting banking methodsOnline Sports Betting US Banking Methods: Deposits & Withdrawals

Finding betting websites with banking options that suit you is just as important as the finding the best odds. Afterall, it is the way you can deposit funds and withdraw your winnings. Banking for online sports betting can be difficult, especially with the restrictions on certain banking methods through the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act. However, there are still options available for those US bettors who want bet at offshore sportsbooks. The best banking methods to use for online sports betting are:

  • Amex (American Express)
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Western Union

Furthermore, bettors should remember to check which methods have the quickest payouts. This means that the winnings will be paid out into your bank account quickly.

Find out more on sports gambling banking methods.

best betting strategiesBest Sports Betting Strategies

No guide would be complete without a section on sports betting strategies. These help and guide bettors to making the right bet. Following these strategies doesn’t mean that you’ll be winning 100% of the time. However, they do make one a sharper and stronger bettor. Some of the strategies we cover include:

  • Betting Against the Public
  • Parlay Bets
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Sandwich Game
  • Prop Betting

problem bettingProblem Betting in America

Much like gambling at a casino, sports betting provides an adrenaline rush, especially when you’re winning. If you or your family is concerned about your betting habit, and they are out of control, you need to consider seeking help. Sports betting is meant to be a fun hobby that makes watching sports more enjoyable and gives you a chance to make a bit of money. However, when it starts taking over your life and you’re spending money you don’t have, we encourage you to contact the following organisations for help. There’s no shame in having a problem and asking for help.

National Council on Problem Gambling


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • Call: 1-800-273-8255


sports betting faqsOnline Sports Betting FAQs

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online sports betting in America.

Is online sports betting legal in America?

Generally, it’s ok to bet on sports online. In some states, online sports betting is still illegal while others have made it legal. Make sure to check the laws in your state.

What is the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act?

This Act, also known UGEA, makes the processing of payments on gambling transactions a federal crime. However, it exempts transactions for gambling legalized on state level, horse racing events, and specific fantasy sports.

How does online sports betting work?

It works nearly the same as betting at land-based sportsbooks. However, with online betting websites, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

What’s the best US online sports betting site?

This is a difficult one to answer as this depends on what you’re looking for. The best US sports betting sites are: Bovada, Interops, BetOnline, MyBookie, and

Is there a difference between a bookie and an oddsmaker?

A bookie is someone who gets a line from a source (the oddsmaker) and sets wagers at the odds set. Also, they collect the money from the losers and pay the winners. On the other hand, the oddsmaker studies the game and sets the lines. Generally, they work for the casinos and betting operators that take sports bets.

How do oddsmakers set the betting odds?

This is an intensive process where the oddsmaker sets the line. They look at the team’s overall performance, the field surface, if they have a home advantage or not, the weather, any player injuries, how the team is doing psychologically, and even the personal lives of the players. They put all this data together to judge the odds.

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