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Fantasy Football Betting USA

football helmet and ballFantasy football betting is a popular past time for those who are into football. It brings with it an amazing dynamic, where you get to own and manage your own football team, usually drafted from NFL players. In our guide on fantasy football betting, we’ll be looking at what it involves, popular fantasy sports betting platforms, how it works, and a few tips to get you started.

Best USA Fantasy Football Betting Sites

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What you’ll find in this fantasy football betting guide:

Fantasy Football Betting Sites

Because of the popularity of fantasy football, there are a lot of betting sites out there. This makes finding the best websites a bit challenging. Don’t worry though, has found some of the most popular and trusted fantasy football gambling sites in America. Let’s take a look at them.

Television Networks

The major TV networks in the US have seen the earning potential behind fantasy football and have cornered the market. Networks like CBS Sports, ESPN, and Fox sports fantasy football provide great research and analyses on games and players. Also, they’ve developed betting apps.

Major sports network ESPN have excellent resources for beginners. They offer in-depth analysis in podcasts and content online.

Fox sports fantasy football is also dedicated to providing great content related to the fantasy sports. You’ll easily and quickly learn how to draft a line-up and compete with other players.

FanDuel and DraftKings

These two sites are mostly popular for their daily fantasy football games. On the other hand, fantasy betting sites like ESPN and Fox offer the more traditional full season coverage. Daily fantasy football games last a day or a week, depending on which one you choose. However, to play on these platforms which include StarsDraft, you’ll have to pay to enter. Although for some games you can play for free.

If we look at FanDuel, it has small-stakes contests. This is a great place to start for beginner players as they don’t have to bet, and potentially lose, a lot of money.

However, DraftKings is a more high-level experience. It caters to the more experienced player.

Other Fantasy Football Sites

The National Football League (NFL) has also joined in on the action. NFL fantasy football gambling has become a part of the live NFL game experience. It broadcasts fantasy statistics at stadiums and they have their own fantasy football betting sites.

There’s also Yahoo! Sports which has a daily fantasy sports tracker. It tracks real-time events and offers great analyses for both the experienced and beginner player.

man drafting fantasy football team

How Fantasy Football Works

To take part in fantasy football betting, you have to sign up to a betting website that suits your taste and needs. After that the following will happen.

You’ll be given a fixed salary cap which you’ll use to buy and draft nine player into your roster. If you’re playing NFL daily fantasy football, for example, you can only choose from eligible NFL players.

You’re required to include the following players in your offensive line-up:

  • 1 flexible player (RB/WR/TE)
  • 1 quarterback (QB)
  • 2 running backs (RB)
  • 1 tight end (TE)
  • 3 wide receivers (WR)

The defensive line-up is chosen on a team basis (DST), with participants choosing a side’s entire defensive line.

Before we look at the competitions you can enter, let’s look at how your team scores goals.

Scoring Points

Scoring points in fantasy football betting depends on what your players do in their offensive and defensive plays. These can either result in a point awarded or point deducted. These can include:

  • Touchdowns
  • Two-point conversions
  • Passing yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Reception or sacks
  • Interceptions
  • Recoveries
  • Returns
  • Blocked punts on the defensive

Another thing you’ll have to consider before starting to play for real money is what kind of competition you’re playing in. You’ll find two main types which we’ll discuss below.


Also known as the Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) format, there’s more money to take home. However, there’s also an increased risk of losing your bet. The GPP format relies on the precise number of points scored by each player. Usually, payouts are for the top percentage of the field – around 15%. Basically, the higher you finish, the more you get paid out.

Cash Games

This refers to competitions that are called head-to-head or 50/50 competitions.

In the head-to-head, you’re just playing against one other player. Score higher than your opponent and you win double your buy-in. For example, you enter with a friend into a head-to-head with a $20. They score 24 and you score 26. You win the head-to-head and get $40 in your pocket.

In a 50/50 competition, it’s an all-or-nothing kind of game. Depending on how much they scored, half of the players win double their buy-in while the other half goes home empty-handed. For instance, you pay $20 to buy into a 50/50 with 1,000 players. Whether you finish first or 499th, you’ll win the same amount.

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Fantasy Football Tips

There may not be a guaranteed method to always winning, but there are some tips. We’ve asked our team of experts what tips they have for beginners.

    • Do your research: knowing your players makes it much easier when it comes to drafting your team. What’s even more important is knowing who’s injured and therefore also studying the back-up players in the NFL.
    • Study your points system: many leagues use different scoring systems from each other. Keep in mind things like certain players – take a QB for example – may score more in one league than another.
    • Learn your competition: this is easier if you’ve been playing in the same league with the same players. You can learn to predict who will draft which players in their team.
  • Be sober when making your picks: drafting players while you’re under the influence isn’t a good idea. You’ll make potentially bad decisions when drafting your team.

FAQs About Fantasy Football

Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions about fantasy football betting.

What is fantasy football?

You own and manage virtual football teams made up of real-life footballers. Your team earns points based on their actual performances on the field. Mainly, because of the size of the league, fantasy football players are drafted from NFL players.

How do I identify the best fantasy football sites?

You can find the best football betting sites under our recommended betting sites. Also, the best sites are the ones we’ve covered like DraftKings, FanDuel, and StarDraft, along with CBS Sports, Fox sports, and ESPN.

Is fantasy football legal?

It is considered legal in most US states.

Are fantasy football sites licensed?

Since fantasy football isn’t gambling, fantasy football betting sites don’t need to have a gambling license. However, a good sign of their reputation is if they’re a part of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA).

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