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Fantasy UFC Betting USA

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) league is not for the faint of heart and so is UFC fantasy betting. The fantasy league is made up of real-life mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters that bettors pick to form their own UFC fantasy draft team. fantasy ufc betting

Betting on fantasy UFC matches is a growing form of betting in the US. It has made many a bettor loads of cash prizes. It’s also easy, fun, and completely legal. Fantasy betting combines the strategy of fantasy sports and the reward of online sports betting.

Best USA UFC Fantasy Betting Sites

Below is our pick of the top sportsbooks with UFC fantasy betting action.


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50% Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

What you’ll find in this fantasy UFC betting guide:

UFC Weight Rankings

Before picking your fighters to make up your top UFC fantasy draft, you have to do a bit of research first. And the most important thing to do is to know their weight ranking. You don’t want to pit fighters from two different rankings against each other.

Let’s take a look at the different UFC MMA weight classes for women and men fighters.

Women’s Rankings

  • Strawweight – between 106 and 115 lb
  • Flyweight – between 116 and 125 lb
  • Bantamweight – between 126 and 135 lb
  • Featherweight – between 136 and 145 lb

Men’s Rankings

  • Bantamweight – between 125 and 135 lb
  • Featherweight – between 136 and 145 lb
  • Lightweight – between 146 and 155 lb
  • Welterweight – between 156 and 170 lb
  • Middleweight – between 171 and 185 lb
  • Light Heavyweight – between 186 and 205 lb
  • Heavyweight – between 206 and 265 lb
ufc mma fighters grappling on the ground

How UFC Fantasy Betting Works

Let’s take a look at what goes into placing a fantasy bet.

  1. Firstly, what you need to know about fantasy sports leagues is that there are two different types: full season and daily. Most players prefer the daily or shorter duration leagues because this means there’s no long-term commitment. You play when you feel like it. Usually, the more popular daily UFC fantasy betting sites cover one UFC show.
  2. Bettors pay an entry fee to get in on the action. These fees can range from just US$2 to US$200. Then each bettor gets a salary cap of anywhere up to US$50,000 to pay for the fighters they’ve picked.
  3. Each fighter on the schedule card is assigned a value and you must make up a team of five fighters and stay under the given salary cap. The favorites will be on the pricier side while the unknows cost less. The trick is to find likely winners at a good value.
  4. The event starts and you can follow the scores online or watch the match. Scoring is similar to other fantasy sports. Takedowns, reversals, significant strikes, finishing a fight early, and type of victory earn you points.
  5. Finally, at the end of a fight, the scores are tallied and the player with the most combined points wins.

Bets in fantasy UFC are similar to parlay bets where the payouts are much larger than the initial wager. But it’s also different to a parlay in that one loss won’t ruin your chances of winning.

Another great thing about this fantasy betting online is that prize money is paid out not only to the winner but the top finishers as well.

See our guides on fantasy sports:

Fantasy UFC Advice

When picking your MMA fighters to make up your team, make sure that they are in the same weight classes. This helps you keep your bets separate and in line with the real-life match. Along with this tip, here is some important UFC fantasy advice to keep in mind when drafting your fantasy team.

1.      Best Fantasy MMA Picks

Put as many of these picks into your fantasy MMA team as possible. Fighters that fit into this category have a better chance of winning and scoring you big points.

2.      Best Value Fantasy UFC Picks

Your best value MMA fighter won’t necessarily score you the most points by winning inside the distant. However, they’ll rack the points up with unanimous decision victories. Also, they cost less than the best picks.

3.      Dangerous Dogs

This category is made up of fighters who can score a high number of points while not costing a lot. That is to say, they’re high risk; high reward choices that have an outside chance of winning inside the distance. Dangerous Dogs have the potential to set you apart because not many bettors consider picking this type of fighter. Furthermore, they’re good for filling up the final spot of your UFC fantasy draft team when you don’t have much of your salary cap left.

UFC fantasy betting is both thrilling and rewarding if you do your research and pick a good draft of fighters.

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