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Fantasy Golf Betting USA

Even though fantasy golf isn’t quite as popular as fantasy basketball or football, it actually is one of the oldest forms fantasy sports betting. The first daily draft contest was organized in the 1950s and it’s stuck around since. golf ball

Likewise, with it popularity growing, more and more sports betting sites offering fantasy sports betting are offering golf. This has made it easier for those interested in watching golf up the ante and make golf a bit more exciting to watch.

So, our mission here at, we endeavour to make your experience of fantasy golf betting easy and fun. We’ve created this guide to help you find the best betting sites, explain the different leagues, and the best strategy to use.

Best Fantasy Golf Sites

We’ve found the best fantasy golf betting sites for US bettors.


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What you’ll find in this fantasy golf betting guide:

What is Fantasy Golf?

Fantasy golf is when you have to pick a line-up of professional golfers featuring in upcoming tournaments. It works much like other fantasy sports.

  • You’ll be given a salary cap to create your team with.
  • Each professional golfer has a specific price tag and you must create a team without going over your budget.
  • You’ll be required to pick between five and seven players depending on your sportsbook’s requirements.

Like all fantasy sports, the players earn and lose points based on how the player performs in real-life. Typically, players get scores for birdies, pars, and eagles. They lose points for things like bogeys, double bogeys. However, it’s important to note that scoring also depends on the sportsbook.

US Fantasy Golf Leagues

It has multiple leagues that you can bet on throughout the season.

PGA Golf Fantasy Sports

PGA fantasy golf logo

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) men’s tournaments and weekly action makes for great fantasy betting. You can draft teams from the Masters, golf US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship Grand Slam. Or you can choose to go for the weekly whistle stop events during PGA season, there are ample betting opportunities.

LPGA Golf Fantasy Sports

The LGPA is the women’s PGA tournament. Similarly rising in popularity like online betting, there are both weekly matches to bet on and tournament wide options.

Golf Daily Fantasy Sports

This is one of the few sports that’s suited for daily fantasy sports (DFS). The plethora of players to choose from, frequent scoring, and tight wins make for exciting fantasy betting. Due to the lack of positional requirements for line-ups, DFS golf is straightforward.

Yahoo Fantasy Golf

This is one of the oldest platforms on the internet. Yahoo fantasy golf allows you to make private golf league with friends and family throughout the season. While Yahoo’s platform may not be as fancy as the latest platforms, it has free games and is a great beginner site. Lean how to make picks without the pressure of playing with more experienced players.

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Top Fantasy Golf Strategy

When it comes to developing a strategy for fantasy golf betting, it depends on the style of contest you are playing. Here are a few things you should consider when playing fantasy golf:

  • Check what kind of contest you are playing: because of the simple scoring techniques in golf, you have a variety of choices pick from including season-long drafts, weekly games, and daily matches.
  • Stay on top of the player’s performance: this may seem tedious but it will help you in the long run and make it easier for you to pick your players. Use the leader board to check statistics.
  • Pay attention to the format your playing in: there are a number of different fantasy golf formats you can play. Likewise, we recommend that you go for grand slam fantasy contests that gives a budget at the start of the tournament.

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