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Boxing Betting Guide USA

Boxing is a classic and ancient sport. Boxing betting also goes as far as the sport itself. Betting on it is hugely popular across the world and especially in the US. Major boxers continue to draw in huge crowds and the betting pool can grow into the millions when popular boxers face off. red boxing gloves

With betting on boxing, you’re placing your money behind a fighter to win a match. In men’s boxing, a round lasts three minutes while in women’s boxing it lasts two minutes. Depending on the rules, you’ll find between four and 12 scheduled rounds.

Now, a winner is determined in a number of ways. A fighter can win a match in the following ways:

  • A knockout (KO): this is when a fighter knocks the other fighter unconscious, earning them an instant win.
  • Technical knockout (TKO): the referee stops the fight, declaring a winner.
  • If the fight lasts the set number of rounds, judges will determine who the overall winner of the fight is based on a point scoring system.

Let’s take a look at boxing betting and how you can make some money on boxing odds.

Best USA Boxing Betting Sites

Some of the best boxing betting sites for American bettors.


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What you’ll find in this boxing betting guide:

How Does Boxing Betting Work: Boxing Betting Explained

Betting on boxing can become overwhelming with the many different weight classes and governing bodies. However, the sport has remained largely unchanged over the years, so once you’ve learnt about it, you’ve got it down.

The first thing to remember with boxing betting is to find a boxer that has little competition in their own weight division.

Bettors can place bets either in advance or very close to a fight when online sportsbooks are competing for your attention. In boxing, bets on the outright winner will give you the biggest win if your fighter comes out tops.

Some fights, especially big-ticket boxing matches, can be announced up to a year in advance. The best sports gambling sites will already have odds and offers available. The closer the match comes, the more the odds change. They can either become more profitable or less, depending on how people are betting.

boxing match

Round Betting Boxing

In this section, you’ll find round betting in boxing explained. It’s considered the new ‘it’ thing in online boxing betting. The best sportsbooks offer bettors money back promotions for placing round bets. You’ll find round bets like ‘money back if the match goes over five rounds. So, in other words, round betting in boxing allows bettors to wager on which round the fighter will not only win in but also how they will win.

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The Win Method

The win method is a boxing bet on how the fighter will win the match. You can wager on whether they’ll win via:

  • Knockout (KO)
  • Technical knockout (TKO)
  • Submission
  • Draw
  • Technical draw
  • Disqualification

These can be either in a round or overall. With online betting, remember to compare online boxing betting sites to find the ones with the best prices and market value.

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Boxing Odds Explained

There are many types of boxing betting types that you’ll find at our top boxing betting sites. Therefore, this means that there are different types of betting odds that you’ll come across. There’s also a specific way in which these boxing betting odds are calculated. Let’s take a look at this below.

Calculating Money Line Odds

Before we get into how you calculate money line odds, let’s understand what a money line odds boxing bet is. This is when the betting odds appear as a minus (-) symbol after the name to indicate a favorite, and a plus (+) after the name to show the underdog. These are based off a $100 bet.

So, for example, fighter A has (-800) and Fighter B has (+550). This means that Fighter B is the favorite and you’ll have to bet $550 to win $100. While, with Fighter A – the underdog – you’ll win $800 if you bet $100.

The formula is:

  • For favorites (minus number): bet/odds x 100 = potential payout
  • For the underdog (plus number): (bet x odds) / 100 = potential payout

Online Boxing Betting Payouts

Payouts on boxing bets are some of the most rewarding bets in sports. For example, bets in football can payout in the tens of thousands. While, boxing betting, especially big-name bouts, you can win up to a quarter of a million.

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