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inding the right sports betting sites can be a daunting process, especially if you’re new to the industry. In the web of hundreds of online sportsbooks, guides that give you the best sportsbook review are your rudder. woman with a review list

There are certain standards and regulations that sport betting sites have to meet. But there are many dubious sites out there, with bad business practices. Fortunately, did all the footwork for you and found the most reputable online betting sites. You’ll find all you need to know about the site in our sportsbook review.

Below we’ll guide you through how we choose our top sports betting sites. Furthermore, we’ll also give you a list of what to look out for when choosing your own online bookie.

Best Sportsbooks 2019

Top USA Online Betting Sites


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What you’ll find in this guide to sports betting sites:

What Makes the Best Sports Betting Site?

You may be new to sports betting or are transitioning from brick and mortar sports betting to online. Either way, you may not know what to expect from an online sportsbook. Our sports betting experts have compiled a list of criteria they use to vet the quality of a site.

On the other hand, the more you play, the more you’ll come to learn what it is that you want from a sports betting site. You can also use these criteria to check if the site is up to your standards.

Bonuses and VIP Promotions

These bonuses are there to peak your interest in the sports betting site. You are after all getting free money to bet on your favorite sports. Programs like these include:

  • deposit bonuses
  • free bets
  • money back guaranteed bets

For those who have been with the site for some time, and also a high roller, there are whole host of VIP programs. These can include:

  • reload deposit bonuses
  • cash back promos
  • trips

Basically, anything that the betting operator wants to offer you can be available.

Take advantage of these programs because they will extend your bankroll. But you should also be aware that there are terms and conditions with these bonuses. Now, a way of telling if your sportsbook is fair is if they are:

  • Transparent about the terms and conditions: they are easy to find on the site and easy to understand.
  • Reasonable wagering requirements: the sports betting site has a reasonable amount of playthroughs required from you before you can cashout your winnings.

Competitive Lines

Secondly, we look at the lines on offer in our sportsbook review. Generally, betting lines on offer vary from sportsbook to sportsbook on the exact same bet. Which is why we recommend line shopping. This is when you look at several different bookies to see their odds on the bet. Obviously, you’ll go for the line that could make you $200 and not $150.

Furthermore, bear in mind that recreational bettors tend to get the better dual lines while professionals play standard lines.

So, in order to find the best betting lines, sign up to more than one sportsbook. Believe us, you’ll be betting smarter, more bonuses, which means more money.

Find reviews on our best US-friendly sportsbooks:

Reliability and Trustworthiness

When it comes to your hard-earned money, gambling with it at untrustworthy sites is not what we’re about. In the online sports betting industry there are hundreds of sites you’ll come across. And you’ll find a few that have some really dodgy business practices.

If we find a site that has had complaints from bettors in the past, we thoroughly check if they’ve made an effort to change. Those that haven’t don’t even make it onto our list of recommended sites.

If you are on the lookout for sites for yourself, we recommend searching for reviews on them before signing up and giving them your money.

User Interface

This is about how easy it is to use and understand the sports betting site. There are certain things on a site that can either enhance or ruin your betting experience at that sportsbook. Does it take you a while to place bets? Most noteworthy, can you understand how the odds are displayed?

Different sites initially show odds as moneyline, fractional, or decimals. Obviously, since people have their preferences, a good site will have a function that allows you to change them.

Variety of Bets

A sportsbook website with a variety of bets is a good sign. It can be frustrating when you have a prediction on how a certain match will go but you can’t find any other bets except for outright winner or loser.

Also, complex bets are more entertaining and engaging. They offer intricacy along with odds and payouts that are the same as the simpler bet types.

sports betting sites

Staying Safe: What to Look Out for at Sportsbooks

As much as there are some great sports betting sites, there are some that designed for nefarious interests. Either they want to get hold of your personal information, your money, or even both.

Through our sportsbook review section, we also aim to teach you how to spot these dodgy sites. Below are a few tips that you can use to protect yourself and your cash.

Ask Questions

Not sure about something on the site? Get in touch with their support services for answers. Furthermore, your experience of their customer support is usually a good way of gauging the sports betting site’s quality. If a site doesn’t care enough to treat its customers well then it doesn’t deserve your money.

Read Reviews

Our sportsbook reviews aim to give you as much information about a sportsbook as possible. Read them thoroughly before committing to a sportsbook. Also, we recommend looking at other reviews on the same site. Hey, the more you read, the more you know.

Look for Any Changes

Sometimes sites change and along with that, the quality may too. Make sure to check the online betting site’s programs, terms and conditions, and promotions to make sure you’re up-to-date on any changes. Alternatively, if you notice something different and are confused by it, contact the customer support team.

Limit Your Access

This is in reference to how many times you log in to withdraw money from your sportsbook account. Be careful not to treat it like a secondary bank account, taking out money whenever you need it.

However safe your funds may be, they aren’t protected by programs like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Only keep what you need to bet with in the sportsbook account and take out your winnings regularly.

Other useful guide for betting on sports online:

Sports Betting FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about sports betting sites.

How safe is my money at online sports betting sites?

If you’re playing at a trusted site that’s regulated and has a good reputation, then your money is pretty safe. If you’re still not convinced, then check if they make use of any encryption software during transactions.

Why should I join multiple sportsbooks?

Joining multiple sportsbook means that you can shop for the best betting line much easier. Generally, no two sportsbooks offer the same betting lines so its strategic to look at and maybe play as many options as possible.

What do I do if I don’t want to share my banking information with the sportsbook?

It’s important to note that at a reputable sports betting site, your information is safe. But if you’re still sceptical, there are other deposit methods that don’t require you to use your banking information. Third-party services like eWallets (PayPal), money transfer (Western Union), and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) can be used to fund your sports betting accounts.

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