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Best Sports Guide for Betting USA

A sports guide that will help you navigate placing sports bets is a bettors best friend. Finding a sports guides that gives you the low-down on betting on things like horse racing and even one-on-one boxing matches. Placing your money on a sports event ups the ante and makes the event even more thrilling to watch.

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Use our sports guide to learn about the different types of sports bets that are out there. This is the first step to becoming a well-read bettor. With our sports guide, you’ll know what you want to play and when to play it. Firstly, we’ll look at why you should consider betting on sports in the US.

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What you’ll find in this different sports bets guide:

Why Bet on Sports?

Firstly in our sports guide, we’ll be looking at why you should place bets on sports.There are few factors that make it much more interesting than traditional gambling.

  1. Sports Guide Point 1: It’s simple to learn and pretty straightforward. Just learn how it works and how to place wagers.
  2. Sports Guide Point 2: There’s money to be made with sports bets as it isn’t completely reliant on luck. Despite the oddsmakers’ having an advantage, American bettors can get ahead of it if they know what they’re doing.
  3. Sports Guide Point 3: You’ll have fun testing your sports knowledge against a US online sportsbook. Furthermore, it makes watching sports more exciting.
  4. Sports Guide Point 4: Placing bets is easy thanks to the advent of the internet and mobile technology. You just have to login to your favorite sportsbook to place sports bets. Away from your computer? You can also wager from your phone and tablet.

Sports Bets Types

In this part of the sports guide, we look at the different bets you can place.

Sports Guide Betting Type 1: Exchange Betting

In our sports guide, this is the first entry because this type of sports bet is relatively new to the industry. This sports bet and odds are placed the same way as traditional sports bets. The major difference is there is no sportsbook involved. Instead of using a middle man, the bets are place between the bettors. You’re placing sports bets in direct opposition to other bettors.

Sports Guide Betting Type 2: Fixed Odds Betting

This is the more traditional variation of sports bets in our sports guide. Most of the sports bets on US betting sites relate to fixed odds sports betting and it’s the one most people are familiar with. Fixed odds mean that everyone is in agreement when the odds on a wager are placed. Notably, even if the odds move, whatever the wager wins is paid out at the pre-agreed odds. It’s that straightforward.

Sports Guide Betting Type 3: In-Play Betting

In-play or live betting are live action sports bets with fixed odds. US bettors bet on aspects of the game as it’s happening up until it’s nearly over. Thanks to the internet, in-play betting has become one of the more popular sports bets. You can follow the live action on your computer or mobile device.

Sports Guide Betting Type 4: Pari-Mutuel Betting

This is the oldest type of sports bets apart from fixed odds. To put it simply, this sports betting type takes everyone’s wagers and pools them together. When the wagers are settled, the winning bettors get their money from the pool. Most noteworthy about pari-mutuel betting is that there are no sportsbooks or odds involved. This is what the inventor of this betting type was getting away from: the bookmakers who were making huge profits off their wagers.

Obviously, people wager different amounts so a bit of math is involved. They calculate how much you get compared to how much you wagered.

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Sports Guide Betting Type 5: eSports Betting

This is the newest type of sport to enter the sports betting industry and it’s big in America. Electronic sports, or eSports as it’s commonly known as, is an industry of professional video gamers who are highly respected in the video gaming world.

Tournaments are regularly organized and they pull in millions of viewers and billions of dollars. Whether it’s playing first-person shooters or real time strategy games, you’ll find eSports at your favorite sportsbook.

Other useful guide for sports bets online:

Sports Guide Betting Type 6: Spread Betting

This type of sports bets aren’t as popular as fixed odds betting. Furthermore, it’s not to be confused with point spread betting which is a type of bet you place with fixed odds betting. A little more complicated than the other type, your stake isn’t fixed and there aren’t any odds. Spread betting could be compared to totals betting or over/under betting.

The complication with spread betting is lies in that American players not only have to be right or wrong but also by how much they are right or wrong. This type of sports betting is high risk and results in either high rewards or high losses.

Sports Guide Betting Type 7: Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

While it may technically not be a type of sports bets, it is being treated as such. Fantasy sports betting, or to be more specific daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting is incredibly popular in the US. Basically, DFS is the same as fantasy sports betting but it’s much shorter, usually over a single round of games. Hundreds of thousands of people participate in DFS regularly. Winning a large stake from a small wager is entirely possible with DFS is you choose right.

Take your time and get to know your favorite US sportsbooks and types of sports bets before committing to it. Each sports bet type has its own pros and cons. First, play with smaller amount. When you start getting the hang of it, increase your stake bit by bit. You’ll be making money in no time with sports bets.

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