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Fantasy Basketball Betting USA

Fantasy basketball is an exciting high-scoring sport which makes for great fantasy sports betting. NBA fantasy basketball has grown exponentially over the past few years. And it’s now a major feature along side NFL and MLB fantasy sports betting. fantasy basketball court with dollar sign for basketball betting

Furthermore, because of basketball’s fast action, it makes for perfect daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting. Its popularity has spread across our borders and has become a big feature in sportsbooks around the world.

In our guide, we’ll be taking a look at how it works, the contest formats, how it’s played, and some top advice from our experts.

Top DFS Fantasy Basketball Betting Sites

Below are some of our top picks of the best NBA DFS betting sites in 2020.


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What you’ll find in this fantasy basketball betting guide:

How Does Fantasy Basketball Work?

With fantasy basketball, it works pretty much like other fantasy sports betting. But, in this sport, your line-up of players comes from the NBA. You accumulate points based on how well they perform on the field in real life.

With NBA fantasy basketball betting, and other fantasy leagues, you’re given a salary cap which you use to recruit your eight players on each game day. Your daily basketball fantasy line-up needs to include players from at least two teams and two separate games. Also, you need to consider the following:

  • Each eight-player line-up, there must be three guards (one point, one shooting, and one optional), three forwards (one small, one power, and one optional), one centre, and one utility player who can be in any position.
  • Your players score or lose points depending on the number of specific in-game actions.
  • Most fantasy betting sites give players offensive points for baskets, three-point shots, rebounds, and assists.
  • To earn defensive points, players have to perform blocks and interceptions.
  • The bigger bonuses are awarded for players that get in the double digits in two or more categories in one game.
  • However, bonuses are limited to one per player.

There are a number of paid as well free contests. Either you can play heads-up, a guaranteed prize pools (GPPs), and 50/50s.

You can track your DFS game and scores can be tracked in-play on your chosen fantasy sports betting site. Major fantasy betting sites also have apps. So, you can use the ESPN fantasy basketball app to track your team’s performance.

How are Points in NBA Fantasy Basketball Scored?

As mentioned earlier, the players in your team gets points by doing offensive and defensive actions on the court. Bear in mind that each DFS fantasy basketball has its own scoring system, so familiarize yourself with it before you start drafting.

This is a basic fantasy basketball scoring system from

  • A three-point field goal (FG) earns you 3 points
  • Two-point FG gives you 2 points
  • A free throw gives you 1 point
  • Rebounds score you 1.2 points
  • Assists give you 1.5 points
  • Blocks score 3 points
  • Steals add 3 points
  • Turnovers give you -1 points
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Fantasy NBA League Formats

In fantasy basketball, there are two league formats that determine which one you’ll play in. Bettors can choose between the standard and custom leagues. Within each of these two are several sub-categories which include positions, scoring system, rotations, and trade allowances among others.

The standard league uses the standard format but can vary in how they score the game. It can be based on wins/losses in individual categories, or average the score for the whole team in the win/loss format. The latter is rotisserie or roto betting.

Alternatively, there’s the custom league which is easier for beginners. It has a more simplified scoring system and rotations since it has more flexible slots. Furthermore, there are less stats to keep an eye on so you don’t have to keep an eye on a lot of moving parts.

How to Play Fantasy Basketball

Playing fantasy basketball is all about picking the best NBA or other league players to make up the best possible team you can. You’ll need to create a lineup of eight players to pit against another team.

For more on learning how to play fantasy basketball, read our detailed guide on playing DFS NBA fantasy basketball.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice

Below are some top tips from our experts.

      • Firstly, pick players with a lot of court time. The more time they spend on the court, the more they’re likely to score points.
      • Choose players who will be against weak defense since they’ll have better scoring opportunities.
      • Check for injuries in the days leading up to the betting contest.
      • Moreover, note who’ll be playing at home and away. This does impact on performance.
      • Look at how many possessions teams are averaging per game because this directly related to the number of scoring opportunities they’ll have.

See our guides on fantasy sports:

DFS Basketball FAQs

Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions about fantasy basketball.

Can people really make a living playing fantasy basketball?

Yes, there are some people who make a living playing a range of fantasy sports, including basketball. However, it’s not something everybody can do. Generally, you need to do a lot of research, sharpen your drafting skills, and play a lot. Expect to lose money before you start seeing gains.

Is fantasy basketball betting legal?

Yes, it is legal although there are some arguing that fantasy sports should be considered gambling. Currently, the UIGEA of 2006 excluded fantasy sports betting from gambling games. Most states consider it a game of skill, therefore making it 100% legal.

Are fantasy basketball sites licensed?

No, they aren’t licensed because the law doesn’t require them to have a gambling license. However, our recommended sites have business licenses. Additionally, they’re also members of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), which represents operators in the fantasy sports industry in America.

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