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NCAAB US College Basketball Betting Guide

For sports betting fans, the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball (NCAAB) is considered the best (and easiest) sport to handicap. The timing of NCAAB betting is also great for those who are looking for sporting action after the end on the NFL regular season. NCAAB logo

Due to the length of the of the NCAAB season and a winner-takes-all tournament at the end of it, this gives you unlimited betting opportunities every day. Also, there’s March Madness, one of the most exciting tournaments in American sports.

In our guide to NCAAB basketball betting, we guide you to the online sportsbooks with the best NCAA basketball gambling lines, which bets you can place on a game, and the best betting strategy to follow.

Best College Basketball Betting Sites

Find the best sportsbooks for college basketball best bets. Also, you’ll find the great college basketball lines and NCAAB betting trends.


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What you’ll find on this page:

Best NCAA Basketball Bets Today

With the long season and excellent teams, the NCAAB has some amazing betting opportunities at US-friendly sites where you can bet online. Let’s take a look at the top college basketball lines you can bet on.

Bracket Bets

This bet is about picking the winner of every single game of the tournament. Usually, this bet type is useful during March Madness, the 68-team bracket tournament for the National Championship.

The teams are chosen after they’ve been selected but before the tournament starts. Through different scoring systems, you’ll receive points for every correct pick you make. Some scoring systems award equal points for all wins, while some give more points for wins in later rounds. Moreover, some sportsbooks award more points for predicting upsets. The bettor with the highest points in total at the end of the March Madness tournament wins.

Moneyline Bets

This is one of the more straightforward bets you can place in online NCAA basketball betting. US bettors choose who will win the championship. Whether the team is expected to win, lose, the number of points they’re expected to win or lose by doesn’t matter. It’s all just about picking who you think will win.

Now this sounds easier said than done. Not only will you have to do extensive research to understand which team is most likely to win, you also have to consider the odds. For example, at your favorite sportsbook, you’ll find:

Cincinnati: -165

Providence: +145

The plus indicates the favorite to win the game. While the minus shows the underdog of the game. These payout odds indicate how much you’ll get if you predicted the winner correctly. If you go with the favorites – Providence – to win you’ll have to bet $145 to get $100 and with the underdogs – Cincinnati – you’ll have to bet $100 to win $165. Since moneyline don’t have a point spread, sportsbooks use spread bets to encourage and discourage bettors from picking a team.

NCAAB player

Over/Under Bets

If you’re confident in your knowledge about the teams’ likelihood of scoring, the over/under bet is for you. This is where you bet on whether the sum total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under that number. At your sportsbook, the over/under bet should look something like this:

Cincinnati: o122 – 110

Providence: u122 – 110

So, let’s say you choose to bet over and are predicting that the total score will be more than 122. If Cincinnati scored 100 and Providence scores 40, you win the bet because the total score is 140. If it was the other way around you would still win your bet because you predicted more than 122 point in total. However, if both teams score exactly 122, then the bet would be a push and you’ll get your money back.

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Proposition Bets

Also known as prop bets, these bets don’t rely on the direct outcome of the final score of the game. This is all about betting on whether a certain event will happen or not during gameplay.

You can bet on who will be leading during halftime, whether or not a player scored a certain number of points/made block or assists; whatever you can think of. Sometimes, sportsbooks accept prop bets as arbitrary as how long it will take to sing the Star-Spangled Banner before the game.

These bets are mainly for entertainment purposed but some do require skill and/or knowledge. Just check which one it is before you sign up.

Spread Bets

An NCAA basketball spreads bet is all about predicting which team will perform better than the online NCAA basketball betting site expects them to. Let’s take our two team Cincinnati and Providence.

In this game, the oddsmaker thinks Cincinnati is going to win by three to four points. They average their prediction and put it at 3.5 points. On the other hand, they think Providence will lose by 3.5 points. By placing a spread bet on, let’s say Cincinnati, you think they are going to score more than what’s expected of them.

Tournament Bets

Finally, there’s the tournament bet. During the NCAA basketball season and March Madness, there are small tournaments in which the teams play in. Pick the right team to win these small mid-season tournaments and you win the bet. This also applies to March Madness. Shop around our recommended sports books to find the best college basketball lines and odds.

If you chose the winning team, the tournament bet is extremely rewarding, especially if you chose the underdog.

NCAAB Betting Strategy and Tips

Here at, we’ve asked our team of basketball betting experts on what strategy they swear by when betting on college basketball.

  • Bet on your own terms: make sure you make a plan of how you want to bet i.e. pick and know your bet types. Also, keep yourself accountable and keep a record.
  • Keep yourself informed: information is king when it come to sports betting. Make sure you know all there is to know and keep yourself informed.
  • Have a consistent strategy: specialize in a conference or region because there are so many NCAA basketball teams. Also, consider betting against the public because sometimes the most popular opinion isn’t the right opinion.
  • Consider certain factors: watch out for things like home court advantage, rivalries, and travel schedules.

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