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WNBA Betting USA

WNBA league logoThe Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) is the top tier level of women’s professional basketball. However, the audience for WNBA betting is comparatively small, especially when you compare it to the men’s NBA. But this still doesn’t take away from the fact that the WNBA is probably the most popular women’s basketball league in the world.

WNBA betting is also one of the least wagered on markets you’ll find at online sportsbooks. But most basketball betting sites that cater to US bettors will find it. WNBA lines are the same as those available for the NBA or college basketball. Even though the betting market is small, there is still money to be won betting on the WNBA.

With only 12 teams in the league and a shorter season running from June to September, it’s fairly easy and stress-free following your favorite or chosen team.’s guide to WNBA betting will look at the best US sportsbooks offering WNBA betting, some tips, the most popular bets, and the history of the league.

Best WNBA Online Betting Sites

As we mentioned, all top online sportsbook that cater to the American bettor will have WNBA lines for you to bet on. It’s just that the market is small so you won’t find many people betting on this league. However, this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing WNBA betting. There’s also some money to be made here.

Below is a list of our recommended best betting sites to wager on the WNBA.


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What you’ll find in this WNBA betting guide:

Betting on the WNBA Online

WNBA betting is just as exciting as other basketball leagues. And because the league is so small, it means that the competition is nail biting and tough. If you’re new to WNBA betting, follow this guide on betting on the WNBA.

  1. Pick a good sportsbook: pick one of our recommended sites, or use our review process to find a reputable betting site.
  2. Take advantage of welcome bonuses: use these to help you carry your bankroll further. Bear in mind that they have certain requirements attached to them so read the terms and conditions.
  3. Place your deposit: deposit some money to begin placing bets on your favorite WNBA team or player. Double check if you’ve picked the bet you want and confirm the wager.
  4. Watch the game: sit back and enjoy the excitement of watching your team (hopefully they win).

WNBA Betting Tips

Betting on the women’s NBA league is considered betting in a small market. This doesn’t mean that you won’t make any money betting on WNBA lines and markets. It just means that there fewer betting markets. Here are some things to consider when betting on the WNBA:

  • Expect to find point spreads, moneylines, and over/under betting lines for the WNBA. Other markets like propositions, futures, and live betting may be available but not usually.
  • Follow the WNBA line movements: with low bettor turnout markets like WNBA, you usually want to follow the line. Because there’s such a small pool of bettors, if a WNBA line moves, then there’s smart money behind it. Jump on a line move as soon as you spot one.
  • Take advantage of sportsbooks: because of the small market that is WNBA betting, oddsmakers are more likely to make mistakes here due to the fact that they won’t be spending most of their time watching it. Look for them and take advantage.

Popular WNBA Bets

Below are the common markets US bettors will find at WNBA betting lines.

WNBA Point Spread

This bet type is used when teams are unevenly matched. The weaker team (underdogs) are given a certain number of points so that if they so lose bettors can still win their bet. The stronger team (favorites) have the same amount of points taken away. Mostly, you’ll find it in the -105 to -110 range on either site. The team with a plus sign is the underdog while the one with the minus sign is the favorite. For example, New York Liberty has +3.5 points while Los Angeles Sparks has -3.5 points.

So, for bets on the favorites – the Sparks – to win, they’ll have to score four or more points. For bets on the NY Liberty team to win, they need to lose by three points or less, or win the match.

WNBA player betting

Moneyline WNBA Bet

Here, bettors have to pick the winner of the game. They are given odds to reflect who the underdog and favorite is on the sportsbook. So, if the odds on the NY Liberty team are at +160 while the Sparks have a -180 on them, then it means the Sparks are the favorites to win. Also, betting on the underdog means that you’ll win more money – bet on New York Liberty to win and you’ll get $160 for every $100 you bet. While betting on the Sparks means that you’ll have to bet $180 to win $100.

WNBA Over/Under Bet

Over/under bets – also known as totals – are about predicting whether your team will score more or less than the sum total score at the end of the match. So, using the Los Angeles Sparks and New York Liberty as an example, at the betting sites, you’ll commonly see the final results written like this:

Team Over/Under Final Score
New York Liberty 150 under – $115 bet 60
Los Angeles Sparks 150 over – $105 bet 120

The final score of the game is 180, 30 points shy of the predicted total. If you bet on the Sparks, you’ll lose you bet.

Futures & Props WNBA Bets

Futures bets are about predicting who will win the Eastern, Western Conference Championships, or the WNBA Championship. These are placed well in advance at the very beginning of the season.

Usually, prop bets are for entertainment purposes and wager on events that don’t directly affect the final outcome of the game. You can bet on what the score will be at halftime, will a team’s score be an odd or even number, or when a specific player will score.

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History of WNBA

The WNBA was formed in April 1996 with their first ever season being played the following year. It was one of the NBA franchises until 2002, when it was sold to private owners. Currently, only eight teams out of the total 12 teams in the league qualify for playoffs. Then, those begin with a single elimination tournament in the first two rounds. When it gets to the semi-finals, the format switches up and they play best-of-five games. The finals are also a best of five series as well, with the champions of the two conferences.

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