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Fantasy Football Week 8 Defense Rankings

After a thrilling weekend, we’re now comfortably in the NFL regular season with teams moving into week 8. It’s time to look at the fantasy football week 8 defense rankings. Some people are from the school of thought that a team is only as strong as its defense. While that may be true, we believe in a more holistic approach when considering a team.

However, it’s time to look at the defense lines and which ones are your best choice when making adjustments to your fantasy football team.

fantasy football rankings week 8 defense

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense was the big team in terms of fantasy football defense this past week. They managed to pull over 20 fantasy points. In close second were the Los Angeles Rams with 21 points. It looks like the fantasy football week 8 defense rankings are going to be pretty straight forward.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Defense Rankings Standings

Let’s take a look at the projected top defense teams to go for in this week’s fantasy football drafting.

Rank Team Week 8 Opponent Fantasy Points Projection
1 Minnesota Vikings Washington Redskins 11.3
2 New England Patriots Cleveland Browns 10.6
3 San Francisco 49ers Carolina Panthers 10.3
4 Los Angeles Rams Cincinnati Bengals 10.2
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins 10.2
6 Buffalo Bills Philadelphia Eagles 9.8
7 Chicago Bears Los Angeles Chargers 9.6
8 Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills 9.4
9 New Orleans Saints Arizona Cardinals 9.2
10 Detroit Lions New York Giants 9.1
11 Gren Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs 8.9
12 Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos 8.7
13 Tennessee Titans Tampa Bay Lightning 8.4
14 Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears 8.3
15 Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets 8.1
16 New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars 7.8
17 Houston Texans Oakland Raiders 7.6
18 Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers 7.5
19 Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts 7.3
20 Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay Packers 7.0
21 Tampa Bay Lightning at Tennessee Titans 7.0
22 Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons 6.7
23 Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots 6.4
24 Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings 6.4
25 Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints 6.1
26 New York Giants at Detroit Lions 6.0
27 Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks 5.8
28 Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans 5.6
29 Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers 5.5
30 Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Rams 5.2

Which are the top 10 best fantasy defences?

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