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NFC West Betting Odds 2020

nfc west football playerThe National Football Conference (NFC) West division is one of the four sub-divisions in the second grouping of teams of the NFL. Formed in 1967, it was then known as the National Football League Coastal Division, with teams on both the east coast and west coast of the US. The divisional rivals had to travel long distances, resulting in a taxing season. Then, with the merger of 1970 of the American Football League with the National Football League, it was renamed the NFC West. Teams were added and removed over the years, resulting in a geographically incorrect division.

Then in 2002 and 2016, there were re-alignments of the NFL NFC West which resulted in the division that we have today. For the first time in its history, all the NFC West teams are found west of the Rocky Mountains. Let’s take a further look into the NFC West division, its teams, and their standings against each other. We’ll also be looking at the betting odds for the different teams in the division. US bettors hoping to wager on the teams’ odds of winning the NFC championship should pay attention to these.

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What you’ll find in this NFC West betting guide:

NFC West Teams

Following the standard alignment of teams in the NFL, the NFC West division is made up of four teams which are grouped geographically. The teams are in states that border the west coast of the United States of America. The four west coast teams are:

  • Arizona Cardinals from Glendale, Arizona
  • Los Angeles Rams from Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco 49ers from Santa Clara, California
  • Seattle Seahawks from Seattle, Washington
nfc west team logos

NFC West Standings 2019/20

There is a long-standing rivalry between the Rams and the 49ers which has existed since 1950. In 2010, the NFC West division became the first in NFL history to have a champion with a losing record. This was when the Seattle Seahawks became NFC champions with a record of 7-9. In terms of division champions overall, the 49ers hold the most NFC West titles, winning it 19 times.

Going into the playoffs, the current NFC West standings are:

Team Played Won Lost Points For + Points Against – Win Rate %
San Francisco 49ers 16 13 3 479 310 0.813
Seattle Seahawks 16 11 5 405 398 0.688
Los Angeles Rams 16 9 7 394 364 0.563
Arizona Cardinals 16 5 10 361 442 0.344

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Betting Odds: Chances of Winning the NFL NFC West Division

Now, let’s take a look at the betting odds on each of the division’s teams. Historically, the 49ers have dominated the division but the Seahawks have emerged as kings of the NFC West. They’ve won eight of the 14 times they’ve made it to the finals since 2004. However, the Rams have been leading in the current NFC West standings, winning the 2018 season. They managed to break a drought from 2003 in 2017, which was the longest period of loss of a team in the division.

Arizona Cardinals

arizona cardinals team nfc west

Odds of winning are at +1600, depending on your sportsbook.

The Cardinals were plagued with injuries to their offense line in past seasons, preventing them from scoring. However, even though it isn’t given credit, their defense line was pretty impressive, and was the most underrated in the NFL. Furthermore, there a heightened expectation for the Cardinals is the return of David Johnson, arguably one of the best RBs in professional football.

Los Angeles Rams

los angeles rams team nfc west team

Odds for the Rams are at -160, depending on your sports betting site.

Bookmakers aren’t that convinced that the Rams will pull of another NFC West win. However, bettors are worried about having a young talented team with big personalities. Will they be able to keep it together to get as far as they possibly can? It seems like the Rams have the best coaching staff to handle all of the star players.

San Francisco 49ers

san francisco 49ers nfc west team

Betting odds are at +300 for the 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers have a good offensive line but it could be better. While their receiving line leave something to be desired. Furthermore, their defense isn’t also the greatest, being ranked 24th in 2017. They chose to improve their offensive line but left their defensive line unchanged. However attractive the individual pieces are for betting on the 49ers, there are some areas where they’re lacking. Some tipsters believe that the 49ers are being overvalued by oddsmakers.

Seattle Seahawks

seattle seahawks nfc west team

Odds of winning the NFC West championship are at +450.

The Seahawks have Russell Wilson to thank because he single-handedly carried the team to competency over the past few seasons. The Seattle Seahawks have a crumbling offensive line which could be the worst in the NFL. Additionally, they’ve made some questionable draft choices and no impact players for their offseason. There seems to be little on the Seahawks’ roster that inspires confidence.

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