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AFC North Betting Odds 2020

The AFC North is one of the two most recently added division to the National Football League (NFL) when it realigned in 2002. This division has been dominated by one team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, since its inception. They’ve been the favorites to win the league nearly every season and oddsmakers weren’t wrong when they pegged them to win the 2018 Conference North division championship. football

In’s guide to the American Football Conference (AFC) North, we’ll be looking at the teams in the division, their rankings, and the team’s odds to win the division.

What you’ll find in this AFC North betting guide:

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AFC North Division Teams

Let’s take a look at the teams who are in the AFC North Division of the NFL. This subdivision is one of the latest divisions to be added to the AFC NFL division. Some of the members of this division used to be a part of the former AFC Central with the Houston Oilers. The members of the North division are:

  • Baltimore Ravens from Baltimore, Maryland;
  • Cincinnati Bengals from Cincinnati, Ohio;
  • Cleveland Browns from Cleveland, Ohio; and
  • Pittsburgh Steelers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
AFC North logo with teams

AFC North Standings 2019/20

The Steelers have been dominating the AFC North division, winning three championships in the past seven seasons. While the Bengals and Ravens have each won it twice. The Browns have never claimed a division championship.

The current AFC North rankings are:

Team Played Won Lost Points For + Points Against – Win Rate %
Baltimore Ravens 16 14 2 531 282 0.875
Cleveland Browns 16 6 10 335 393 0.375
Pittsburgh Steelers 16 8 8 289 303 0.500
Cincinnati Bengals 16 2 14 279 420 0.125

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Odds to Win AFC North

When bookies released their odds for the AFC North division, it came as no surprise when the Steelers were touted as the winners of the division, given their 13-3 record in 2017. They also have a long history of owning the division, winning it eight times in the divisions 17-year long existence.

Let’s take a look at the odds for the 2018/19 season of the AFC North division.

Baltimore Ravens Odds

Baltimore Ravens player throwing the football

Odds of winning are between +400 and +850, depending on your sportsbook.

The Ravens are the only other AFC North team that had won the Super Bowl, lifting the silverware twice. They have are 2018’s division champions, narrowly beating the Steelers. Longtime starting quarterback Joe Flacco is apparently having a great time. Some bookies think this is because of the drafting of Lama Jackson.

Cincinnati Bengals Odds

Cincinnati Bengals football team

Odds are between +750 and +850 depending on your bookie.

Coach Marvin Lewis agreed to a new two-year contract after leading the Bengals to victory over the Ravens in 2017. However, they’re not expected to make much of an impact in the division. They are being touted as unlikely winners of the conference.

Cleveland Browns Odds

Cleveland Browns player throwing the football

Odds are set between +1,000 and +20,000.

The last time the Browns won a season was back in 2007. But since then, they have failed to perform well against the other members in their division. In 2017, they finished the season 0-16. They’ve upgraded their player roster this year so there is something for Browns fans to look forward to.

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds

Pittsburgh Steelers football team

Their odds are between -230 and -800.

If you’re considering betting of the AFC North division, the most popular team to side with are the Steelers. They may have just lost out to the Ravens but they’re still a solid choice, given their historical dominance of the division. However, some oddsmakers suspect that those days may be coming to an end with their star running back Le’Veon Bell and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger potentially leaving the team. Only 2019 will tell if the Steelers can keep their star power in the AFC North division.

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